Monday, March 28, 2011

Please pardon my disappearing act!

We've had a hectic couple of weeks. I've lost two grandparents in the last week, and between services and the fact I did all the floral arrangements for my Grampee, I've barely come up for air. I'll have my grandmother's wake tonight and funeral tomorrow. I'm so sad they will never meet Lily. They both knew about her though. I'm so blessed that I have grandparents into my 30's. It does not make losing them easier though. I was especially close with my Grampee and over the past year as his health declined and his care demanded more of my Nana I made it a point to get up there as much as possible. I tried for once a week, which didn't always happen, but it happened enough that I have amazing memories of my boys with their Great Grampee. He loved them so much. Even when he couldn't lift them up, they would climb into his chair and lay back against him and watch TV while he would snooze. Amazing memories indeed. He was their greatest defender when they were naughty and the biggest pusher of the "boys will be boys" mentality. I try to carry it with me...that kids are kids and you have to let a lot go.

Our journey with Lily is on track as far as we know. We basically assume all is ok unless we hear otherwise. We did hear that the entire foster home had some type of skin rash, maybe scabies, but haven't heard much since. There are currently several families on the ground there and we got a really amazing report on Lily with some assessments of her skill level from a teacher who is there picking up her children. We also go a new weight and height on Miss Lil, and she appears to be thriving. She's grown an inch since her last measurement and weighs 30 pounds! When those families start to arrive back home to the US, we should get more pictures and maybe video. We're told she's very sweet and engaging, which sounds wonderful but in reality worries me just a tiny bit. I know that when children have been displaced through multiple care givers they can become superficially engaging and sweet and it can indicate attachment difficulties. We know we'll most certainly face some attachment challenges, and we're ready for that, but a Momma can't help by worry. I think it's no win. If she was quiet and withdrawn I would worry, and instead she's sweet and outgoing and I worry anyway.  She is who she is, and we love her. Whether her attachment to us takes 6 months or 6 years, we'll be here for her, and love her.

We get fingerprinted on Wednesday. I thought that our appointment for fingerprinting meant that USCIS had accepted our application as is, and would not request more information. Turns out not. They can request more information on anything in our background at any point they choose up till our approval. I'm just praying for a speedy process.  We submitted out Dossier in mid-January I think?  Maybe early February? So we're about 2 months or more into what is usually a 3 month process if other families time-lines hold for us. I would hate for Lily to have to wait for us because the US side was taking longer. I still manage to believe it's 6 months till she will be home. I'm not sure why I keep thinking that, as if time stands still. In reality, optimistically it will be about 3 months and Lily will be home or on her way home anyway. 

I'll also start my travel vaccinations sometime this month. Fun.

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  1. Hope things are going well for you and things are moving along with the adoption of Miss Lily. I don't know you but came across your blog from a friend and pray for you and your little Lily.