Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let her be named...

Lillian Mikayla.  We'll call her Lily.  I love nicknames :)

More paperwork today, and enjoying the first day of 2011 knowing that in our hearts, we're a family of 5 now.  Five.  Wow.

We've been spreading the news to our family as well the last few days.  I'm sad that some of them are not as excited as we are about our new addition.  They worry about how much work it will be for us to raise three children so close in age.  Don't worry!  We're smart people.  We put a lot of thought into this.  A lot of thought.  We both always wanted a daughter, and bringing a newborn into this crazy house with two crazy boys wouldn't be an ideal situation either.  It wouldn't be any easier than this.  Parenting is hard.  We love it anyway.  Just be happy for us.  Know this is what we want, and what is right for our family.  Share the joy with us. 

Back to the paperwork!

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