Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a good thing we adopt...

Or I would never get a "yearly" physical.  Today we have a busy day. We started off bright and early with Tyler's final Early Intervention assessment. I haven't gotten all the results yet, but the ones that came in were both pretty much what I expected and also somewhat disappointing. He's still very low on receptive language. 17 months. So that's basically a 50% delay. That sucks. I do think that he understands more than he indicates he understands, but the part that holds him back from scoring higher is his complete inability to follow a two step command. They asked if he would do that for me normally.  I could have lied.  I might have wanted to lie, but in reality, he just can't. Everyday he comes in the door he has to take his shoes off. He has to take them, and put them in the basket. He's NEVER been able to receive, process and complete both of those tasks. He can take them off and then when told, put them in the basket, but he can't do both if I tell him both at once.   That's just who he is right now, and I can accept that. His expressive language made more significant gains and he's now close to a 2 year old level. I don't think this was displayed to Tyler's fullest potential today, but I think it's close to being correct at the 22 months they scored him at. He's only speaking 3 word sentences sometimes, and if a sentence includes more than 3 words, it's often because it includes a "chunk" phrase like "Thank you" to build the word count. "No thank you Momma" for example. Very nice manners, but a 4 word sentence like that is long way from saying, "Look at the tree!" 

After Tyler's assessment we loaded right up into the car and went for his 3 year physical and I dropped off the paperwork for each of them for Lily's adoption. I also talked with our NP about Lily and how vaccinations would work to get her caught up. I'm not assaulting her little body with 3 years of missed vaccinations. I am also not thrilled about the idea of holding her down to get those vaccinations while we're supposed to be working on attachment. Our NP said that the Dr's at Children's in Boston could guide them when Lily got home, and it might not be a bad idea to actually go see them for a full evaluation since they specialize in international adoption. We're so lucky to have these resources for our kids that are close by. Tyler had to get a finger stick and they sucked blood out of that one little poke for about 3 different tests. Then he got one shot at the end and I promised him a donut. He was still crying but walking out behind me yelling, "Donut Momma? Donut right?" Poor little man. The nurse said, "We have some strong kids, I won't lie. He is absolutely the strongest child I've ever had to give a shot to. When he has more shots at 5, remind us we'll need a second nurse okay?" My little Incredible Hulk! I'm thankful the ultimate treat of a munchin on the way home worked wonders for his tears. We've been so strict with our budget lately we haven't been splurging on snacks like that while we're out, but I figured a shot deserved a donut hole!

Now we're home for a brief interlude of Bob the Builder with lunch and some paperwork for Mom. Dad will be home around 2:30 so I can go get my "yearly" physical...which I last had when we were bringing Matty home in July of 2009. I'm right on time like usual. After that I get to go have bi lateral knee x-rays because my Dr wants to see what degree of degeneration we're dealing with from my arthritis. Considering my vastly reduced levels of medication though, I'm doing extremely well. Yeah for that! 

I also added a button to link to our Barefoot Books fund-raiser. I love Barefoot Books because they have such a multi-racial and multi-cultural approach to their books. We have some of their books and they are beautifully made and illustrated. I highly recommend them, and not just because we'll get 20% either :) Enjoy browsing!

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