Friday, December 31, 2010

Day One....

Today we started paperwork...and more paperwork.   We got started on paperwork for our homestudy, we got started on paperwork for the amazing organization working with us to organize our African Adoption, and we got organized about all the things we still have left to do.  Passports, birth certificates, notarized documents.

We made every effort not to focus on the alarming numbers that are an estimate toward finishing bringing our daughter home.   We're having faith.  We know this is right for our family.  It will work.

We considered several names.  We go to bed again tonight not having chosen one.  Hopefully tomorrow.

She is safe.  She is in a loving foster home with two amazing foster parents who love, cuddle and nourish these babies like they do their own children.  I'm so thankful.  Somehow, I'll try to sleep.

Happy 2011 Sweet Baby Girl.  By this time next year I hope you'll be curled safely in my arms, a sweet smile on your cherub face. 

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